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HISO is the No.1 brand of edible insects ready to eat in style of “Appetizer” in Asia

Originally from Thailand, HISO offered the authentic taste of insects, the traditional Thai style snack with the history of eating more than centuries.

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HISO: a ready to eat grilled insects, the fun alternative snacks available in various tastes including the exclusive/ exotic Thai flavored for your experience.

With the advance manufacturing innovation, HISO insects preserved its high nutrition benefit, while enhanced the crispness in every bags!

CRICKEAT: The first Franco-Thai company working with local Thai producers on eco-responsible production methods in order to bring the best quality of insects guaranteed by both Thai and European standards until your hands.

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    Foire internationale Montpellier 2017

    HISO France attended the Foire Internationale 2017 event in Montpellier. We represented for ​​the Occitania région in the Gallery of Innovation, which also brought excitement to all participants.

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    Salon international de l'Alimentation SIAL 2017

    HISO France joined the largest international food fair in the world, Salon International de l’Alimentation 2017, where we received lots of interest from food innovators. Also, do not miss the opportunity to meet us this year at Salon International de l’Alimentation 2019!

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    La Ruée des Fadas 2018 à Lattes

    We did not only participate in the official events, but also the fun and lively event of La Ruée des Fadas! Incredibly, our insects had conquered the heart of all superheroes cosplayers, bumblebee cosplayers, or even the Powerpuff Girls, who were tired from winning all the checkpoints. The event was full of happy smiles and endless laughter throughout the day.

There are more events where we had the opportunity to present our delicious insects. Thanks for your support, and we will be available next to you soon.



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