How Thai People Eat Insects

How Thai People Eat Insects

More than eating for living, consuming edible insects or “entomophagy” is a culture of Thai people which surprise many tourists who come and travel in Thailand. The unique style of selling fried-insects on the trolley throughout the country has created a buzz among the tourists. It might look wired and scary when they want to try tasting insects at the first time but after tasting it once, they will say that “Umm… it is not bad…actually it tastes good!”. Since then until nowadays, tasting fried-insects become one of the challenges that the tourists must do when they come to Thailand.

However, for Thai people, eating insects is not about to have fun or to challenge with friends anymore. This culture has been adopted for long time in Thailand from the provinces where we can easily find and raise the insects by local farmers to the urban where people always want to seek for a novelty of food to respond to their different needs.

Our story began when the people in the city little by little got used to eating insects because of their incredible flavor and had more needs to be able to find the edible insects every time and everywhere they want but it was not possible as not everyone Thailand eats insects. It was difficult to find an insect trolley in the area where there is no tourist. Dutsadi, a city living man was facing this problem. His passion to eating edible insects together with the the difficulty to find them each time have brought him to an idea to make “edible insects available every time and everywhere he wants”.

Similar to other kinds of meat, fresh insects do not last for long time after they were catched. For the locals, insect trapping is a family activity when the season comes. During the day, everyone in the family will be spread to search for the insects for cooking their lunch or dinner in the forest, in the field and etc. For eating, we do not eat the insects alive. We normally deep fry them and season them to have a great taste that after tasting them once, you will be addicted to them. The problem of insect lovers is that fried insects cannot last long and they will become sticky and rancid if they were not eaten right after cooking. HISO, a Thai company, realized this problem and that was when his idea to make insects as a “snack” emerged.


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