How We Cook Our Insects

Elevage de soleil

Product of the sun

Our insects are raised with the love from nature. HISO insects emphasized on our natural farming philosophy by using 100% natural sunlight and air flow to raise our insects. We committed to deliver the quality, ‘product of the sun’ edible insects to you. To find out more about our insects’ story click here.


From insects to HISO insects

Our insects are carefully raised in the traditional natural farming system, with the open air flow and 100% sunlight.

Foods that used for feeding insects are specifically plant without the use of chemical and pesticides. The organic practices ensure the quality and freshness deliver to the insects.

Traditionally, crickets were raise in the handmade boxes, made of egg carton because it is sensitive to the light. The high protein from plant-based food are used to feed the cricket.

Whereas silkworms (caterpillar) were raise in the natural light room, and feed with the mulberry leaves. After the fourth larva period, the caterpillar spins a cocoon of silk threads around itself. Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar changes into a pupa. The silk threads are unwind from the cocoon, where the pupa became edible.

HISO support the local farmers who seek for an extra incomes to provide themselves and families by raising organic insects. We encourage them through the fair trade business, which our customer can take part in by supporting our products.

After the collecting of organic insects, HISO delicately choose to grill the insects with the lasted technology, instead of fried to ensure the clean, quality and nutrition preserved of insects, and promote the good heath of the customer.

HISO insects emphasized on the certification of pre and post manufacturing. Our products are HACCP/GMP and Thailand FDA guarantees.

More than the quality of the insects, the seasoning of HISO insects also preserved as our secret recipes. We encourage our customer to experience different tastes that we proudly customized. To browse through all HISO insects flavors, click.