Payment – PayPal

Pay via PayPal

  • Step: 1
  • Once you decide to make a credit card payment secured by PayPal, the PayPal login page will show up. If you already have PayPal account, you can login directly using your email address and password. On the other hand, you can click ‘’Pay with a card’’ if you do not have PayPal account.

  • Step: 2
  • Next, you need to fill the form about your payment details. These details will not be shared to the merchant for the buyer security. Once the details are completed, it is necessary that you select the ‘‘User agreement and Privacy Policy’’ box to pass to the next step.

  • Step: 3
  • Your payment via PayPal is now done! The confirmation about the order price and the shipping details will show up on this page.

  • Step: 4
  • You will receive an email sent from PayPal to confirm your payment with all your payment details for you to verify and also you will receive another email from HISO Apéro to confirm your order and to be used as a reference to receive your products.