Cricket – Cheese 15g


Cricket – Cheese 15g

Edible crickets ready to eat- For 1 to 2 people

15g: About 45 crispy crickets

Cheese Flavor: Cheddar cheese

Simply roasted in the oven without frying or added oil, seasoned without preservatives.

Standard: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Certification: FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

This flavor might be too spicy for kids

6.50 inc Vat

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Deliciously cheesy taste, creamy and salty flavor of the cheddar cheese powder.

Our domestic crickets (Acheta domestica), come from carefully selected breeding farms. From small producers equitably remunerated who allow time for nature to do its work, the feeding of our crickets consists mainly of its rice, and vegetables: fruits, vegetables, leaves and roots of manioc. We also carry out bacteriological tests on each batch of insects before and after slaughter.

  • Pack of 15 g containing about 45 crickets. Size about 0.3 cm in width and 0.8 in length
  • Ingredients : 94% small crickets, 5% spices, 1% salt
  • Tasting : Our crickets have a peanut taste and are crispy, their flavor also reminiscent of gray shrimp. Delicious, they are simply roasted in the oven without frying, without oil added and seasoned without MSG (mono sodium glutamate) nor preservatives.

  • Nutritional values : 1 sachet of 15 g contains 6 g of protein, the crickets contain more than 50% of protein. They are rich in iron and are a source of good fatty acids.

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