Silkworms – Barbecue 15g

Silkworms – Barbecue 15g

Edible crickets ready to eat- For 1 to 2 people

15g: About 35 crispy silkworms

Barbecue Flavor: Barbecue sauce

Simply roasted in the oven without frying or added oil, seasoned without preservatives.

Standard: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Certification: FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

This flavor might be too spicy for kids

6.50 inc Vat

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Hot, smoky, sweet flavor with the hint of tangy, inspired by Mexican barbeque sauce.

Our silkworms (Bombyx mori) are offered at the best stage of their growth, that of the chrysalis. These edible insects originate in the province of ISAN in northeastern Thailand. The diet of our worms consists exclusively of mulberry leaves. These pupae have been raised with the utmost care to produce a silk of exceptional quality, it is when the caterpillar completes its work of weaving and that it turns into chrysalis that the farmers harvest them for our pleasure.

  • Bag of 15 g containing between 30 and 35 silkworms. Size about 0.5 cm in width and 1 cm in length
  • Ingredients : 94% silkworms, 5% spices, 1% salt
  • Tasting : Very crispy, our silkworms have a good taste of hazelnut. Delicious, they are simply grilled in the oven without frying nor oil added and seasoned without MSG (mono sodium glutamate), nor preservatives.

  • Nutritional values : 1 sachet of 15 g contains 7 g of protein, silkworms contain more than 40% protein, are also source of omega 3 and 6, and source of vitamin B2.

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