Who We Are

Why Eat


Who We Are

HISO is the No.1 brand of edible insects ready to eat in style of “Appetizer” sold by leading department stores and 7-Eleven which is the best quality goods chain. Collaborating with Crickeat which is the French company that guarantees the quality of the goods from HISO, our team is the first Franco-Thai company to work with local Thai producers on traditional and eco-responsible production methods in order to bring the best quality of insects for until your hands.

With modern technology, our products are tasty, clean and hygienic. We work hard on research and development in order to make insects as alternative source of protein for human body and to adapt the flavor of our HISO insects to be international before bringing them from Thailand to European consumers.


Our Mission

  • We are committed to sharing our long time culture of  “entomophagy” or eating insects of the Thai people to the friends from other countries by not meaning to replace the consumption of protein from other kinds of meat but to propose another choice of food to our customers.

Our Vision

  • Delicious
    • Excellent taste from natural ingredients and meticulously seasoning
  • Security
    • Consumers are secure from eating our edible insects.
  • International Standards
    • We guarantee that insects from Thailand are clean and have international standards quality.
  • Farmer
    • Our insects are fed by natural and traditional means. We are committed to protecting and maintaining the traditions of edible insect breeding throughout Thailand. We participate in the maintenance of a thousand-year-old artisan culture not to turn to industry.