Why Eat Insect?


Edible insects are high in omega 3 and 6, the fatty acids that also found in Salmon.

Edible insects are rich in Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, as well as B1, B2 and B12 Vitamins.

Edible insects contain essential amino acids for human body.

Iron found in cricket are two times more than those in spinach.

Not to mention that edible insects are higher in protein, compare to beef (for 100 g. of dry cricket and beef).

HISO insects has less Fat than typical snacks, because we choose to grill instead of fry, in order to preserve the nutrition and provide the healthy option snack.



Insects farming consume less food, water and space to produce the same amount of protein as other meats. For example, to produce 1 kg. of protein, insects use less than 2 kg. of food, less than 10 liter of water and less than 1 hectare of space Ultimately, it releases less pollution and waste as well.

Edible Insects’ production emits 99% less Greenhouse gas than beef production.

The breeding of edible insects are much shorter than other traditional cattle breeding, it also allows large number of reproduction in each generation. For example, within 60 days cycle, the reproduction of insects are around 1200 units.

HISO insects are 100% raised by the local farmers in the countryside of Thailand, far away from the pollutions which insects are sensitive to. Moreover, they are feed with natural and organic foods, with the respective production to the environment.

Because edible insects are extremely sensitive to chemical, pollution, diseases and toxics, they tends to have less residue in their bodies, and unlikely to transfer it to human from the consumption.

As being an eco-friendly snack, HISO insects are 100% consumable, no parts are wasted.

HISO insects emphasized on the natural farming philosophy by using natural sunlight and air flow to raise our insects. We are proud to provide and share the product of nature with you.

HISO insects does not only care for the environment, but also the local farmers who provide us the natural and quality insects. By support HISO insects, you are also support the local farmers from rural community in Thailand to earn incomes from fair trade.


Culture of insects’ consummation

1/3 world population eats insects or around 2 million people, while in South America, Africa and Asia has a long history of eating insects.  So, what about in Europe?

There are more than 2000 edible insects’ species, and 4 million species are not yet discover.

In everyday life, the average Europe people unknowingly consume insects in the wheat, fruits and chocolate approximately 500 g. per year.

Edible insects can be various in breeds, just like mushrooms. There are certain ways to cook and prepared depends on the breeds, so does the means to eat. So if you are new to eating insects, it is highly recommend that you have a trustworthy products from an expertise producer. HISO insects has selected the popular and the long history of more than 500 years consuming in Thailand, edible insects for you.